terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2011

New arrivals!

The Gabriele and the Lettera 32 just arrived! The Splendid 66 has already been shipped!

I'm just so excited! There's nothing like the arrival of a new typewriter... The Gabriele needed a good cleaning but it is in very good conditions. The previous owner definitely treated her very well. With the exception that he/she (?) used to use correction fluid and she had some white spots. But after a good cleaning she looks like new. And I find it so easy to type on. I have being typing lots and lots of pages just by the pleasure of using it. But the Lettera... Needed some repairing. I've just realized that the repairing is one the parts I like the most. Disassembling, cleaning, oiling, assembling ... Trying to find out where and how to repair the damage. It's just like a puzzle. And I've always been a puzzle fan! I just hope not to need some parts to repair it. That means finding and sacrificing another machine. And that would feel like a murder to me... But the Lettera was my must have. So I believe some sacrifices have to be done.
Right now both are already working almost perfectly. Although the Lettera is needing some more adjustments I've been busy using both them!

I do love a machine that has been used. It's a machine with a history... It shows that it was used for the purpose that was built for and after all these years still do the job! These little babies were built to last.

Soon I will have pictures of both to share...

PS: This fever for typewriters seems to be contagious. My big sister wants a typewriter for Xmas. She tried the Splendid 33 and I think she just remembered when she was younger. She used to spend hours writing letters for her friends in a huge old yellow typewriter that my father had at his office. Now I have to start searching a good typewriter for her. Suggestions are accepted :)

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  1. Ahh, the Letteras. So fine and delicate. I have a love/hate relationship with mine - when it works well, I love it, then something gets discombobulated and I have to put it on the shelf until I'm in the mood to track down and fix the problem.

    Good luck getting yours working right! (:

  2. Thank you... I'm still trying to put it to work perfectly. For some reason I haven't found yet when I type the letters "q", "a" and "y" the print left on the paper is so light I can't sometimes read it... And the "l" and the "i" are not aligned. It's a head ache!

  3. I'll find the room to store them... Don't worry :)