quinta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2011

Olivetti Lettera 32

Introducing the Lettera... It's unique green/blue is very difficult to capture in the photos. I've tried to do my best but sometimes looks green and others looks blue.

Spanish QWERTY keybord! At last... I've been longing for a qwerty typewriter. It makes my writing much easier :) and no more misspelling errors because the Y was out of it's usual place.

This typewriter was bought from a Spanish auction site and it was in very bad shape... I believe the previous owner has treated her very badly... Although there was no rust some aluminum parts were very degradated.

Amazing typing... Very light touch. But I believe she has a bad temper. Sometimes works ok, sometimes doesn't want works... The "q", the "a" and the "z" sometimes leave a very light print on the paper. I haven't found the problem yet. But I'm still searching a way to solve it...


The touch tuning... Quite handy. And makes the writing even easier...

The original ribbon spools. There's no ribbon in this picture because I put the ribbon spools for the photo :) I think it looks nicer this way!

There's some cleaning to be done. I was so excited to try out the typing that I skipped a good cleaning...

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  1. I like this Lettera 32! Like you, I find that it is hard to get the color to display correctly, but I got close once by increasing the exposure on the camera. I have found all the Letteras we have owned quite reliable; so I'm surprised to hear about the issues with yours. Hopefully a thorough cleaning will sort things out!

    Great pictures as always; I like that you shoot from a variety of angles!

  2. My job has taken me longer than expected ... Lately I have not much time to devote to my typewriters. It has been thoroughly cleaned and oiled but still with the same error. Although I start to think it's due to lack of use.

  3. be careful with oiling. Use oil sparingly, for otherwise oiled parts will attract dust like a magneto.

    P.S.: I miss my Lettera 32... It was a very nice machine with Spanish keyboard that has found a new, caring home in Lugo.

  4. When it arrived to my hands it was filled with dust and dirt... Due to excess oiling. I had to clean it very well and then oiling it with restrain. But I haven't use it ever since... She' a moody "girl", some times works perfectly, some times it doesn't.

  5. One of the problems regarding typewriters with complicated mechanical issues - like "moody" function - beyond my meagre skills is the lack of good repair technicians around. Adwoa, at least, can have her machines repaired by a very knowledgeable person and a reputed repair expert. I wish I could do the same!

  6. Something I really need. I try to do my best, but my skills are not that good! If you find one, please let me know. My Corona #3 needs a specialized intervention.