segunda-feira, 28 de novembro de 2011

Olympia Splendid 66

I continue to add new purchases to my collection... The most recent acquisition was this Splendid 66. As an older sister to the 33. Although it was bought over the Internet I was pleasantly surprised. The typewriter seemed in perfect condition (the sale photographs were not very explicit). Once I removed the case I notice that the space bar was bent. No influence on the writing, but ruined the aesthetic... And my mood!

Note that the machine was in perfect condition. It came completely clean, without needing lubrication and the ribbon was almost new. What makes me believe that this typewriter was used until recently by its previous owner.

I did installed a new ribbon, blue and red nylon. I think that is better suited to the use that will give it, which will basically be for my correspondence writing. Although I don't write in red I think the contrast with the red crowned "S" works very well.

The color scheme is the traditional and boring beige and green and once again is a German QWERTZ keyboard.

The mechanism is exactly identical to the younger sister, taking the fact that it seems to be all in aluminum. The 33 was still using a lot of iron. Even dared to say that they are practically identical, only the 66 is the most complete in level of customization options.

The option of choosing the color, something that the younger sister does not.

Personal touch tuning. Makes writing smoother than in 33. Although I think that the fact of the typewriter being lighter makes it more unstable and vibrates too much when we started to accelerate with the typing...

The interior is completely clean with no signs of dust or dirt. I noticed that the bottom is lined with what seems to be a waterproofing / insulating (?) silvery something that seems too science fiction for a simple typewriter. I wonder if already come of origin.

Still missing some exterior cleaning. But as soon as I received it and saw it was perfect to be used, I skipped that part... And it went just straight to my writing table and then to the shelf to join the rest of my small collection.

The space bar... Something that I'm going to have to figure out how to put in order without breaking it. Is raised so high I could shoot under it: (

The finishes are better than the younger sister... Chrome! The painting is identical... With a slight texture (and thankfully, or else it would look like an old refrigerator) .

The font size... It was my first Elite 12. And honestly I do not like it. When I look at a letter after writing it, seems too full.  To many letters in the same space... Even with double spacing between lines. Perhaps using a paper with a smaller format the final result is aesthetically more pleasing (to my standards).

The carrying case, very practical. I think one day I''ll lose the shyness and leave home with it.  I'll sit in a cafe and I'll start writing... I think the rest of the customers will probably hate the noise, but if people do with computers why not do it with a typewriter? I bet there would be many curious glances :)

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but the screws seem to have been loosened and they have marks of use... Overall I am very pleased with my new typewriter. If it was cursive would be perfect! But like all machines that I bought, they are a joy for me!
And that's all, folks! I've shared with you my latest acquisition. I hope you enjoyed:)

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  1. A "splendid" machine! The silvery stuff must be original, I have seen it in other small Olympias.

    Let us know what reactions you get if you type while sipping a cafezinho.

  2. I will... Surely it will an experience to share!

  3. Thanks for the review. I own a very special cousin of this machine, a SF with (that's the special part) Czech keyboard. It belonged to a member of the Czechoslovak diplomatic mission in Bonn during the Cold War - I like to imagine that my Olympia participated somehow in some spy story, but I am sure it just performed clerk work...
    Aha, btw, the silvery liner you mention is a standard feature of all Olympia portables from the same time frame I inspected, mine included.

  4. Great review! You made me think that I need a 66, too. Even a touch control on such a small machinbe, interesting. Love your ribbon choice. Maybe I should get my Olympia SM-3 a red ribbon, too. May work with the red "Deluxe" decoration where your crowned "S" sits.

  5. @R.Vieira
    This is one of the things I like best about typewriters. Imagine the stories that are behind their own history. That's when I let my imagination run free ...

    In my opinion, we all need one more a typewriter ... And Splendid is always a good buy (although having a crush on German machines). And I think a red ribbon would be perfect in your Deluxe. After all we have to pamper and treat our "girls" to make them even more beautiful. I look forward for you to share the photos:)

  6. I have one and I'm happy with the font and precision in the letter strokes. An engineering marvel. Thanks for the great pictures!