terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2011

Triumph Gabriele 1

As promised, Gabriele photoshoot! Sorry about the low quality pics but the lighting has been awful... It's raining for three days in a row... And without the sunlight I can't get proper lighting.

The case has some scratches. I have yet to shine it

The keyboard is the typical German QWERTZ

I was surprised by the ease of typing. It's so soft ... No need to hammer the keys and I think it's very similar to writing on the computer. But it makes a lot of noise ... Compared with the Hermes is a big difference. 

I'm still learning about typefaces, but I believe this is the regular pica? Right? Wrong? :(

The slugs still need some deeper cleaning. This time the plasticine didn't do trick... I guess I'm going to need a toothpick. It doesn't affects the writing... But Just want it to be perfect :)

Still has some white spots of correction fluid... But I just don't want to scratch it or damage it by cleaning to hard!

And the bell for me, has a very low sound. Sometimes I have difficulty hearing it. But perhaps it is muffled by the noise of typing.

The typewriter came with the
original brushes and the seller was a very nice guy and got me a scan of the manual in Portuguese. It was fantastic!

10 comentários:

  1. I love the styling on the carriage return lever.

  2. Nice machine. I like the back panel behind the "Triumph" branding, reminds me of an Olivetti Studio 44.

    Your lighting is fine.

  3. The return lever and the back panel definitly gives that retro look. When I first saw this typewriter I thought it was from the late 50's. But after all she's from the mid 60's.

  4. Very nice.

    "Pica" is a size of type, not a style (10 characters per inch).

  5. Thanks Richard :) By the way, do know where I can find some information about sizes and styles of type? I've just started in this typewriting "business" and definitely that's one of the areas in still have to explore.

  6. "Pica" (10 chars/inch) and "elite" (12 chars/inch) are most common in US machines. In Europe you sometimes find a size between these two.

    Check out Munk's site for an amazing collection of typewriter type styles:

  7. My favorite thing about your Gabriele is the elegant case! I used to have a Gabriele once too, that I got just because of its script typeface. However, the wholly plastic case felt cheap and I found the typewriter itself unnecessarily bulky, so I ended up not keeping it.

    Yours definitely looks like pica typeface! I once put up a scan of Hermes typestyles and sizes, so you could look for that on my blog too.

  8. I've just printed the Hermes scan that you've published and I'm comparing it with my typings. Although it's something I still have to learn and to explore, I begin to think that my next purchase will be scrip / cursive typewriter. It would be great to write my mail. Now I just have to find one in a online auction at a affordable price.

  9. Hi could you tell me please, I have Triumph Gabriele typewriter (Germany) and I can't find any information relating the year it was manufactured or how much it costs. Do you know anything about this typewriter?