domingo, 4 de dezembro de 2011

Adler Tippa 1

This was a typewriter that was waiting with some expectation... I had read enough about it and was curious to try it out. Luckily I could get one on German eBay by 1 and the best of all, with the carrying case.

In the first contact seemed to be a portable typewriter very compact and interesting. Although the excess plastic has disappointed me. Expected something more robust...

Produced by Adler. According to the production date it would be from the early 60's, however the merger between Adler and Triumph was in the late 50's... So it should have TA logo. That's something that intrigues me and I still have to explore.

The typewriter is in good condition. It does not have large cracking, scratches or rust ... It was clean and without signs of having been over-oiled. The color scheme is gray and white, although the photographs are not capturing the true color.

Again a qwetz German keyboard. As I had mentioned earlier coverage is all-plastic however the body is aluminum alloy. Supposed to be stable. But I think the machine is too fragile. Vibrates too much and the keys seem to swing and bouce... Maybe I'm used to more robust machines.

Color selection. Although for some unknown reason the letters with lower case (p, q, y. ..) get half black half red. Even when I reduce the typing speed... From what I think I'll replace it with a black ribbon.

Some signs of aging... Perhaps because of the carrying case. Something that perplexed me was the fact that there is no mechanism that locks the lever... Whenever I put it or remove it form the case I'm afraid I'll damage it.

I still have to do a more thorough cleaning. And maybe grab a toothpick and lose a few hours cleaning each letter ...

The interior is very clean, with no signs of over-oiling or dirt and dust. At first glance, the mechanism seems similar to all other German machines I have.

In this photo we see that the cracks along the screw. Consequence of the totally plastic body... However it was that the only apparent damage found on the typewriter.

Something that intrigued me was this + and -... Supposed to serve some adjustment mechanism or a touch tuning control. But I've searching and there is no lever or button ...

I still have to figure out what size it is. It seems to be larger than Pica but smaller than Elite.

On each key stroke there is a shadow letter left in the paper... And when I accelerate the speed of writing, the machine literally seems like it gets undone. After all maybe my typewriter is not in so good condition as it appears. Or that I think it is ... Of all the other reviews and opinions I've read about similar typewriters, no one reported the same "problems".

In summary ... I think it created too high expectations and ended up disappointing me ...

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  1. Another great review! Hope you'll find solutions for these problems. That +/- stamping are really interesting. Maybe there was a higher-level version of this machine with the same body?

  2. I also tough of that. I'm trying to find online a manual or a user's guide to see if I can solve this mystery. And I'll try to replace the cotton ribbon by a nylon one. Hope to get a cleaner writing.

  3. Hi Fernando - Great review and pictures of your Adler Tippa. I have one too, and I fully recognize its limitations - plastic body, flimsy-sounding, etc. Yet, I really like how small it is! It is almost in the Groma Kolibri league, sizewise...

    That said, the best thing about my Tippa is the script font, and it's really the only reason I got it. So I like it a lot better than I probably would otherwise. I am surprised you are getting the dual-colored letters; I do as well, but I assumed it was because the script typeface was less well-suited to bi-color ribbons (because of the various loops in the letters, etc). Still, it is a fine little machine and gets the job done.

    I think most people would prefer cotton over nylon, and silk over both of them. I find I like cotton the best, as nylon tends to smear and is often over-inked... let us know what you find!

  4. Hi Adwoa

    If my little Tippa were script font it would be perfect. And I would just forget all of its limitations.

    I haven't tried yet any silk ribbons (I have typewriters that were cheaper than wath they are asking this day for a silk ribbon). But definitely cotton is way better than nylon.

    I also believe this little are very portable "baby" is lazy... When I type slower and lighter I don't get dual colored or shade letters.

    But I have to agree! It is a fine little machine and gets the job done.

  5. Hi Fernando, thanks for sharing. I have a QWERTY Adler Tippa 1. Did you ever find the manual for yours?

  6. Hi there :)
    I realize it's years after, but I just stumbled upon your post while researching Tippas. I have recently bought an Adler Contessa and had the same ribbon problem. In my case, it was because one of the ribbon spool holders wasn't spinning properly - oil build up - so typing was difficult and the ribbon was too tensioned, hence two coloured letters. I managed to take it apart and clean it - I don't know how different would the tippa mechanism be.