domingo, 4 de dezembro de 2011

Triumph Gabriele 2

Since I had bought Splendid's an older sister I've decided to do the same with Gabriele. This was my first purchase in hand personally and in Portugal. Since the first pictures I saw of this typewriter, there were something about those round lines that made fell in love with it.

This machine redefines the portable typewriter concept, in my opinion. It's all metal... And very, very heavy and not portable at all. I had to cross part of the city carrying it, after I have purchased it. And believe me, carrying it is a hard job. It has a considerable weight that gives it an amazing stability! And an impressive robustness, almost resembling a typewriter desk.

It was produced in the early 60's. From what I could unveil by the seller, was used in an office since late 70's until the early 90's, when it was replaced by computers. After, it was stored somewhere (?). Denotes various signs of wear and age... However it has a fantastic typing. But it was very dirty... And it took me ages to clean it. Maintenance was done incorrectly. It smelled like motor oil... I struggled a lot but it stills not as clean as I would like it to be. Although I've used toothbrushes, toothpicks and cotton swabs, there are places to which I can not access to clean.

The machine is working in perfect condition. The dimensions and weight help a lot with the typing. Especially for me, I am write fast typer... Although the noise it makes is almost deafening. I think this is the louder typewriter that I got!

A little more evolved than the younger sister, the Gabriele 2 already allows you to select the color of ribbon. Humorous though it has been bought in Portugal, has a German QWERTZ keyboard ... I think that's QWERTZ persecute me.

I am pitty that the carrying case was in such poor condition. I ended up by throwing it into the trash. However, it was what saved the typewriter to be in worse condition. Although there are some areas where the paint is cracking. I think that it caught a lot of humidity and probably some rain too...

In some places we can see small rust spots. Even crossed my mind to paint it. But I gave up right away... There were too many metal parts to remove and having to paint them one by one... It seems to be too much for my skills. Honestly I'd rather have it like this and know about its history ... And all the visble signs of it... I guess we could say that "she" lived a full life. And still gets the job done :)

Here it's yet without a ribbon. Oddly enough I'm out of ribbons (how did this happened?). I have to remind myself to buy. 

The slugs were so dirty that it took me hours to clean. With a toothpick and letter by letter. They were covered in a pasty mixture of black powder and leftover ribbon ink.

As I had said there are still parts that I could not access for cleaning. I am thinking seriously to take it apart and give it a bath (and who knows doing some paint job). If nothing else just to get rid of this awkward smell (a mix of motor oil and train station). That black bottom covered in oil, dust and dirt is me doing a lot of confusion.

In the end I have to admit I'm very pleased with this typewriter. Although aesthetically it isn't in such good (perfect) conditions as I wish, still is a typewriter that has a lot to give. And I honestly believe that I will use it very often. Not just for correspondence letters but also for that more "serious" writing...

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  1. Nice typewriter. I like these bulbous designs of the '50s.

  2. Good evening,
    Yesterday walking back home, i was very lucky. I mean not just finding a 4 leaves clover, or catching a shooting star... It was there, on the ground, next to same trash... I found a Gabriele E. Not rusty at all, just a bit dirty...
    So i started to look for some information and

  3. I am very happy i found your blog. I actually fell in love with this machine and started to type before cleaning it... But know i must look for ribbon, and i don't really know which one i should order... I don't know if Gabriele E is equal to G. 10 or 12 or... I would be very gratefull if you could help me with this question.... Hope you still enjoy your wonderfull collection. Take care.

  4. I am interested in which ribbion to use, I have the same one and i dont know?