terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2012

Groma Kolibri

My Kolibri Groma! Ready to be presented to Typosphere as a débutante.

Once more purchased in German eBay. Although slightly exceeded my budget definitely worth it. After all I really wanted this typewriter.

The color scheme is not one of my favorites, but in this kind of business we can't be too selective. We ended up having to limit ourselves to what is available. And this after long hours of searching...

I've just detected a fault in the design of the machine that worried me a lot (mea culpa - i thought the Kolibri was flawless). The return lever is not fixed. The tip has a small spring which causes it to dangle. Scraping on the cover... What has done the lid to have a graze in the painting.

Although I can note that the machine was estimated by their previous owners, it seems to me not being adequately protected. Shows some signs of rust. Although I have tried to minimize them there is not much I can do but try to stop them from growing.

I'm still debating with the bell. It seems to me that rings too low. What makes me sometimes reach the end  of the line to realize that it's time to hit the return lever. I'm still trying to adjust the bell. All suggestions are welcome!

About the typewriter itself have to admit that is an excellent piece of design. Ultra flat... Very solid and stable. Metal body with a considerable weight to a machine so small. What ends up giving it the strength and the sturdiness that I enjoy.

The keyboard seems to be incredibly vertical. With small keys and a little apart. What makes it a challenge trying to keep my fingers from entering there... With this machine I limit myself to only use 4-5 fingers to write and a median speed. Definitely not a machine to "heavy" works. But it gives me immense pleasure and joy to use!

All that this typewriter was needed was a good cleaning and some oil. Definitely not in its best state and rust worries me. But still maintains a prominent place in my collection. More for their beauty and compact design than by their technical skills.

Made in Germany with German keyboard and coming directly from germany... I have to admit that I have a soft spot for German typewriters :)

The font size seems to be somewhere between an Elite and Pica. But I confess that this part is still a challenge for me.

In addition to the instruction manual and all the paperwork that came with the machine (and that I haven't still properly analyze due to my very limited German) also had two metal spools that I decided to save and recycle. And they seem to be as old as the machine itself ...

And the carrying case. Tiny... It can only accommodate a typewriter as small as this.

And so ends another post. I keep telling myself it was an excellent buy. Regardless of the state machine. The more I use it, the more I enjoy it. It's different. Out of the ordinary... And this was a machine that barely saw it by the first time I said to myself "I have to have one of these"...

6 comentários:

  1. What a handsome Kolibri, still a great find despite the flaws you spotted. And kudos for the great photos, keep it up!

  2. Congratulations to your Kolibri (which by the way is a hummingbird, so sometimes in google translation you see the "hummingbird typewriter")! Never mind the bits of rust. The bell on Kolibris tends to be a bit low.

  3. Great post, great photos, great typewriter. I must get one, definitely.

  4. Very nice machine. They almost all have damage from the carriage return lever. There's supposed to be a piece of plastic in the bottom of the lever to prevent this, but often it has fallen out. Probably the worst design flaw in this nice little typewriter.

  5. @ I dream lo-tech - Thanks! I always make an effort to get new angles to shoot. Breaking with the traditional and trying to innovate a little. Glad you liked:)

    @ shordzi - Colibri is also portugues word for hummingbird. And I think that fits perfectly. After all it is a beautiful and fascinating machine. Just like the bird...

    @ maschinengeschrieben - You definitely must! :)

    @ Richard P - Thanks for the tip! I'll try to get something similar to the original piece. And I'm thinking about trying to repair the damage it already has. A friend told me that there is a kind of pencil to repair scratches on cars that might work well here.

  6. Nice article. Raw truth, right here ;) Was wondering if there is a service manual for this model. Am trying to revive one, where the carriage keeps on locking onto the hammer of the bell in an awkward way. And am having trouble Getting the carriage to run freely.