domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2012

Olympia SM3 (1957)

My so desired Olympia SM3... In a strange shade of green and seeming just out of a time capsule. It may seem odd but the typewriter is completely new. Or so it seems to my eyes.

After  installing a new ribbon and writing a few pages and letters, I surrendered to this little masterpiece.

The machine seems to have traveled directly in the time since the day it was produced until the day it came to my house. If it was used, was estimated with great care.

After everything I've read about this machine, I realized it was a inevitable milestone in the collection of every typewriters enthusiast. Had to get one... After hours of searching on Internet auctions, I came to found this one. The pictures shown by the seller were few and of poor quality, so I could not realize very well what the true state of the typewriter was. The auction didn't arouse much attention, so I decided to put on a bid of 5 and wait. And I ended up by winning the sale :) When I finally got the typewriter in the mail and I realized that it was practically new,  I even gave more value to the great deal I did.

This machine has everything I adore. The lines and design, somewhat resembling a Hermes 2000 (my first machine and that led me to start my collection), dimensions, weight and stability. But I was expecting that the return of the keys when pressed would be different. They seem a bit spongy...

The all-metal body and engine make the machine's weight pretty high. Adding to this the wooden carrying case... The final weight causes the machine to be very little portable. I can not imagine me carrying this weight around as easily as I do with other machines. So this is definitely a typewriter to stay at home and switch between its place on the shelf and the desk.

Once again I ended up buying a typewriter made in Germany, ordered from Germany and with German QWERTZ keyboard.

I think that the lid mechanism is very well thought out. If you need to access to the interior just lift the lid. If you want I can also withdraw it. I wish all my machines came with this system. Sometimes I have to struggle a little to take off the lid.

The personal touch tuning... Frankly I do not notice any difference between the + or - position ! But maybe it's my typing that still needs to be improved...

Again I have chosen a blue
and red ribbon. They are my favorite! Everything seems prettier in blue than in black...

As I've said earlier, I didn't even bother to clean up the typewriter. As expected there is some dust that was accumulated over the years. One of these days I have to take it off the shelf and give it a thorough cleaning. Draining off all the dust with an air compressor...

The writing is not getting as clear as I wanted. But I haven't figured out yet if the problem is the ribbon or the slugs that  also need to be cleaned.

Although this photograph is not aesthetically pleasing to me, I decided to publish it anyway. Looking at the machine like this, it reminds me a turtle turned upside out. Maybe it is for being green...

One of the things that I thought that could have been degraded over time would be the rubber feet. Oddly they are spotlessly new. I am still trying to find a felt pad to user with the typewriter because I don't think that the carrying case board is  very practical... Greatly increases the space I need on the desk. And when you live in a tiny apartment all the space is needed.

According to TW-DB and the serial number, the machine was produced somewhere in 1957. I confess that I had some difficulties to distinguish the model. At first glance SM2, SM3 and SM4 all seemed remarkably similar to me. After hours of research, now I can spot some differences. Although in some photos have yet to take a closer look.

Hope you liked it :)

8 comentários:

  1. Great post! I just love the 5th photo.
    I think my Olympia has the same color, I believe it's an SM3 (it has about 6 tabulators, to be set like margins). I'd be interested to see a post about the actual differences between the SM2, SM3 and SM4 are.

  2. That's a handsome SM3! I lost a bid for a burgundy Olympia SM3 a couple of weeks ago. Oh well.

    Yeah, the 5th photo stood out for me too.
    That said, all the photos look great, good job!

  3. What a pristine SM-3! I concur with everyone about the awesomeness of photo no. 5, although I have to say no. 6 grabbed my attention just because of how clean everything looks inside... you don't find that often!

    Beautiful blue ribbon (of course I'm biased towards color:)) and excellent post and pictures, as always!

  4. I think you have your Pica and Elite backwards. Elite is 12 characters per inch, thus the smaller letters. Pica would be 10 characters per inch, thus bigger than Elite.

    Either way, awesome SM3!!! I love it when a typewriter shows up in much better condition than you figured!

  5. @maschinengeschrieben - I also have to agree. That 5th photo really shows the essence of the SM's. And I would love to read a post about the diferences between 2/3/4. As I've told you I still struggle a lot to be abel to distinguish them.

    @I dream lo-tech - I've seen the burgundys while I was searching for this. They are absolutely adorable. With a burgundy cursive SM3 I'd be the happiest man on earth!

    @Adwoa - It's a wonderful sensation to receive a typewriter practically new! And quite a luck...

    @deek - Thanks for the warning. I've erased that part... I should really be ashamed of myself. But the problem is not the pica vs elite. It's my math. Do not know if you noticed but I said 10 was bigger than 12 :( and that's really bad math!

  6. What a beautiful machine! And so interesting to see that typewriters in other latitudes came with different keyboard arrangements than the standard QWERTY we see on this side of the pond.

  7. Fernando, I'm currently working on a post about Olympia portables (yep, it's about the differences of SM-2s, -3s, -4s and "special" models) and I'd like to use this photo of yours in my post. Would that be okay for you?

  8. Please, be my guest! Feel free to use it :) I'm feeling really flattered by one of my photos being used in your blog.