terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2012


What is WOT? It's my new world of fantasy... My imaginary world where I hope to spend some of my free time of 2012! It's the "World of Typewriters" :)
Spent the holidays and the gap for Christmas and New Year it is time to start organizing my "world of typewriters (WOT)."

It was a
troubled year... It was marked the beginning of my passion for typewriters but was also marked by the end of some projects that were lost on the way. Definitely something that is part of my New Year's resolutions is to dedicate more time to my typewriter's paraphernalia, increase my "skinny" collection and above all give it more use. And of course, dedicate more time to this blog! I'll try to do at least a weekly post, sharing my new acquisitions and other issues that seem to be of interest (but related to these fine machines, for sure). Hope you'll enjoy it!

I'll begin by sharing the latest additions to my personal collection! Still missing a good cleaning and a complete check-up. But I confess that this was difficult month with very little spare time. Below are the pictures! The last purchases of the year...

The Groma Kolibri

My first Groma! Finally my so desired Kolibri... This was my must-have of 2011. And I could not finish the year without having one :)

It was an excellent buy. Although the painting has a graze, the machine is in excellent condition, with a reasonable price, carry case in good condition and...

...with all original documentation. It is in German and I did not have time to examine it carefully. But I really have to check it out more closely and make a post on the subject.

Needing a good cleaning. And some oil... But now occupies a prominent place in my collection!

 The Olympia SM3

The so desired SM3! A major model of Olympia and so far I have only good things to say about this machine.

In excellent condition. Almost like new ... The paint is flawless! A machine in excellent condition, including the case and still writes with the original ribbon.

 The Consul 232

A brand that didn't even knew that existed... Until I've found one on eBay that caught my attention. The firts one I saw was in a light blue and beige color scheme with the brand name in gold... Just beutifful... But I've found this one in grey and I'm pretty happy with it!

And the last purchase of 2011 ... The Consul! Needing a deep cleaning. And some maintenance. Right from the purchase that has given me headaches. The shipment took the holiday season and already received after Christmas. To the great misfortune the shift lock key came broken of origin... And got damaged on the shipping. I eventually was able to straighten the metal sheet but the paint   cracked and the tabs need to be repaired: (

For some reason the seller includes a Taste Ex... Almost as old as the machine! Although hate this kind of stuff.

I think it was a good year of typewriters. My wish-list for 2012 is already made! Some models in the sight and a full year to do the research and finding good deals. Definitely I have to buy a script / cursive / italic ... Since I discovered them that I want to have one! Although they seem to be hard to find in Europe, I am counting on help from some friends of the "WOT".

I also hope to spend more time looking for ribbons. Finding different colors and explore this market.

Soon I hope to have more detailed posts on these three "beauties"...

Until then, a great year to all and a big thank you for your support!

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  1. Those are some really good finds; except for the Olympia, I didn't even know those other makes existed. And they all look to be in a very good shape. Surely it won't take much to make them work almost like new.

    Good luck with your search for Italic typewriters. I've only seen a couple of them - Olivetti's, if I remember right, and they literally flew from the seller's e-Bay account. But who knows? Something might pop up along the line.

  2. Wow, this Kolibri is lovely. I still haven't found any of them is Switzerland.

  3. Congratulations on your new mechanical friends.

  4. @Miguel - most sellers on ebay don't even mention the font... I still hope to get lucky and have a nice surprise when receiving one of my purchases!

    @Florian - these three machines came from Germany. I've seen a few Kolibris on eBay DE... And with fantastic color schemes! I think you should risk buying one. I am pleasantly surprised with this little machine:)

    @Richard - Thanks ;)

  5. Happy New Year to you too, Fernando! These are all fine machines to end the year with, especially that beautiful Groma Kolibri. Glad to hear they write well, and we look forward to reading your posts about them!