domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2012

Consul 212

Today it is sad day for me. I'm going to share with you the story of the typewriter that got wrecked during transportation.

The Consul... It had been packed since Christmas, until I've finally found the time to take care of it. And it has proved to be a disappointment. This has been a machine I've wanted really bad and now all I have a bad machine... Not the model it self but this special unit...

The typewriter arrived poorly packed and fill in dirt. It has no caring case and it came all the way from Germany in a  large card box, being kicked around... And with a hairy mess inside I can not find the words to describe it. In the auction photos the typewriter seemed to be in need of a good cleaning but I could not see that coming. I've checked carefully the photos and the typewriter was just OK. Plus the seller told me it was working perfectly so I've thought I've done a great deal. Damn DHL...

When I've taken it out of the box I've noticed that it had suffered a big bump in the back side and it was dented. The margins tabulators were jammed so I've tried to straiten up the rear metal sheet. After a few hours of struggle I've finally straiten it up an managed to put the margins tabulators to work but the paint cracked... Then I've realized that the shift lock had also been broken during the transportation... And  my mood was just ruined! But thought that if it  types good I can live with that...

I cleaned it thoroughly, installed a new ribbon and got a sheet of paper to finally start testing the typewriter. And then my world came tumbling down... I've just bought a piece of crap... An international 10€ plus shipping cost piece of crap... The shipping has just destroyed a perfectly good typewriter.

The body is all in metal, the weight is just right and it's a stable machine. The mechanism is very spartan and simple but I believe that's a good thing. The carriage is perfect. One of best I've tried so far. But the key board... Seems it was hit by a herd of wildebeests. It's in cheap plastic but the keys give back a good kick so it's a pity the material they chosen is so bad. And that I've a typewriter in such bad state.

And now I'm going to start pointing out all the flaws I've spotted but I may be overreacting.

- The "I" is so far down bellow
- The "A" jams. And sometimes skips a space.
- The bell rings so low that most of the times a don't hear it.
- The shift mechanism isn't working properly. The capital letters don't get aligned with the rest of the text.

But it's a gorgeous machine and I really want one that works properly. I guess I can live with it, but it's such a disappointment when you really want a machine and when you've finally found it's not in pristine conditions. I've been very lucky with the one I've bought... So tomorrow I'm going to grab a pliers a fix the damn machine! 

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  1. So sorry to hear about this, I can imagine how disappointed you are, especially that your Consul is such a great find. I had a similar experience with my Tower President, it was badly packaged and suffered a dent that was not even close to what happened to your Consul but it was such a downer for me. Success to your repair job, don't give up!

    That's an awesome photo of the underside of the keys, love it!

  2. Thanks :) I'm trying to stay positive about all this. Tomorrow I'll spend a few hours trying to fixing it. I'm counting on having it ready in the afternoon for a typecast :)

  3. Great photos! I'm also trying to get a Consul to work properly; it's missing a couple of springs that activate the paper advance function in the carriage return lever. And all the covers are really loose, even though they are (mostly) properly installed. But they are beautiful machines, and IMHO are worth repairing and using.

    1. They really are beautiful machines. Good luck in repairing your ;) They worth it!

  4. So sorry to hear about this, Fernando, if it's any consolation, we've all had this happen... It comes with the territory when typewriters have to be shipped. Nevertheless, the Consul still looks nice despite its imperfections, and if it's any consolation, the pictures in this post are fantastic as always! ;-)

    1. I've been really lucky with all the typewriters I've bought. I was hoping this to happen sooner or latter. Too bad it happened with one of the typewriters I wanted the most.

  5. That's sad. Let's hope your Consul gets well soon.

  6. This happened to a giant wide-carriage Underwood my wife ordered me for Christmas one year. It came in a big cardboard box with just one (!) ball of newspaper thrown in for show. It arrived with the cast-iron frame cracked and the carriage hanging off the machine.

    Good luck with your repairs. We'll look forward to your typecast!