quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

I'm back!

Seems I've lost ITAM's last days… Blame the flu! Kept me away for a few days :( I'm still alive but slowly recovering. I guess that in this last days I might have lost some good posts… But I'll try to give them a peep.

ITAM is over! Looking back in time, it was a really good month. As you know this was my first one. And I've really enjoyed it. Was a month full with great and very interesting posts, I congratulate you all!

Before falling ill I've had the time to visit a flea market. It was promoted by the City Hall and sadly it was a single act. I believe that we should have flea markets every week!  Well, I saw a lot of crap and only two typewriters. A Remie with an HCESAR keyboard and an inflated price and a Voss with a AZERTY keyboard and a reasonably price, but once it wasn't what I was looking for I brought none home with me. I hope I won't regret this decision, but right now I'm focused in searching for the typewriters I really want. About the Lettera 22 I was following in auction, the seller does not ships to Portugal… So I lost it. Surely new opportunities will arise!

Sorry about the photos' bad quality :( Were taken with my cellphone...

4 comentários:

  1. Nice color scheme on the Voss. Get well soon! (I have an increased use of tissues, too.)

  2. Nice, both machines. I agree with Florian, the Voss looks particularly attractive with that color combo. I would have taken that home.

    Hope you're on your way to full recovery!

  3. That Voss is really nice. I know it would have gone home with me.

  4. Of course you should have a flea market every week! Someone needs to send a petition to City Hall :)

    That is a very beautiful Voss, but I think I too would have left it behind due to the AZERTY keyboard.

    Hope you feel better soon!