sábado, 31 de março de 2012


Hi :)

It has been quite a long since my last post... But this last days my life has been a rollercoaster! I'm moving to another apartment, and this last days all I've done was taking measures, signing contracts and all those stuff. Today I've finally recieved the keys to my new apartement. Now I still have to paint it, clean it and then start moving all the furniture. Something tells me that is going to be quite an endeavour! Specially with a 8 hours a day desk job at the same time... And a lot of furniture!

So it is unlikely I will be posting again before May! I'll try to follow your posts and read the news.

Till my comeback ;)

sábado, 17 de março de 2012

Are typewriters becoming a trend?

Are typewriters becoming a trend?

Everybody seems to be talking about them lately… Although I'm just a newbie, I don't remember having ever seen so much media exposure around this machines.

Famous people are surrendering to this amazing machines and along with them their capacity to influence the masses. Typewriters have aroused curiosity and the media is publishing articles about them and doing interviews to typewriters collectors and enthusiasts!

After taking a peek at oz.typewriter we all get to know that Tom Hanks is a collector and a typewriters enthusiast. He has even influenced the director Steven Spielberg as we can see in "Tintin" where typewriters are present from the generic to the movie it self, with Tintin display is collection in shelves and an amazing blue Royal in his desk…

According to Type, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth... I've found out Zooey Deschanel is also a typewriters enthusiast (as we all can see by her nails in her last public appearance) and managed to incorporate this wonderful machines in her current show "New Girl".

Surely all of you remember the CBS piece on the Typewriter Reinassance were some familiar faces of the typosphere stared!

The author of the blog Manual Entry took some of his typewriters to a local school and the reviews and the enthusiasm around this machines was fantastic. The kids loved this initiative.

Even Adwoa's pictures from Retro Tech Geneva were used by a known fashion designer as a pattern to a dress, what has thrown typewriters to the runways and the fashion world.

Maschinengeschrieben and the Swiss Typopshere were published in Tages-Anzeiger, one of the most important newspapers in Switzerland.

Somewhere around the globe someone is talking about typewriters, writing about typewriters… And their apparitions in cinema are getting more frequent.

In "J. Edgar" we can see a parade of typewriters from various eras. Although only by a fraction of a second but they are a constant presence.

And others are yet to come. In "On the Road" we can see Kerouac's Underwood portable and his famous continuous roll of paper.

And in "Hemingway & Gelhorn" there seem to be as many typewriters as famous faces. An image of Nicole Kidman seating in front of a typewriter with a bottle of boose it's something impressive.

All of this leads me to think that typewriters are again in vogue! We are witnessing a typewriter revival as has recently happened to other objects that have already been forgotten (Ray-Ban sun glasses and Casio watches are godd examples of it). Each time there is more fuss around typewriters, more curious people asking and searching for typewriter. A few months ago when I've started to collect this little machines most people reaction was of astonishment. They could not understand why I was interested in a machine that was outdated. Today when I share my passion about typewriters with someone the reaction is exactly the opposite. Most people say "That's cool! I'd love to have one…" (and that's how I went from geek to hipster).

Around here the offer is getting bigger in response to a higher demand. Each time there are more people (specially young people) interested in buying a typewriter. And the prices are shooting up either. I truly believe that we're witnessing the rebirth of this machines of yesteryears...

terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012

domingo, 11 de março de 2012

Hermes Baby

 Finally, and two weeks latter, I present you my orange Hermes Baby!

I've cleaned it a bit harder than what was needed and that almost costed me the Hermes logo...

I believe there isn't much to say about this typewriter. All that is to say has already been said. This is a rather common and much heralded machine.

The poor lighting conditions resulted in this strange effect! I also believe this unit was made in Brazil… Honestly my fist contact with the Baby was rather disappointing. Too much plastic and too fragile. Although it's a very handy machine, ultra light and super portable. In case of damage it's easy to repair, find spare parts or even find an other to replace it.

This time I've left my comfort zone with the qwertz keyboards. I took the chance and got a portuguese azerty keyboard. Although I haven't managed to get used to the hcesar, this time the adaptation process was quite easy. With exception of the "M" that changed its place with the "Ç"...

About the typing it self… There's nothing to point. It's very fluid and light. Very pleasant to use. 

It's again an Elite. I haven't got lucky yet. I'm still searching for a typewriter with Cursiva or Techno font.

And that's all for now :)

quarta-feira, 7 de março de 2012

The Sound of Typewriting

A few days ago a friend talked me about this amazing movie and its wonderful soundtrack. Of course he knows my passion for typewriters...

I remember there were some typewriters used in the film... But I've never paid much attention to the soundtrack. And it's just delightful! The way that Mario Marianelli incorporates the sound of the typewriter with the rest of the orchestra it's just genial. I've just felt in love with this soundtrack. It's now in my iPod and follows me everywhere.

Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did :)

domingo, 4 de março de 2012

Typewriter Cocktail Machine

I was surfing the web and found out this amazing typewriter at http://www.morskoiboy.com

I believe that worths be shared!

Now I can literally taste the flavor of my words!

One day I had this funny idea, and I thought, “Well, there’s really nothing stopping me...” At first it was just for fun. But then…Then I drew up a sketch. And then another one.  I started tinkering around and, to make a long story short, there came a point when I realized that, for the first time in my life, I was going to build something with my own two hands. So, after a couple months of fine-tuning the communication vessels, I became the sole owner in the world of such a strange piece of work:

My piece has buttons working as pumps and has pipes instead of wires. It also has a display like any other electronic panel board, but as opposed to using liquid crystals as in electronic displays, my machine’s display functions via multicoloured syrups.

My machine converts words into cocktails. And, yes, it does work. Now I can literally taste the flavor of my words.


So, if you’re interested, let me explain this contraption and the mechanism that makes it work. At the top of the machine there is a slot into which a bottle with alcohol, water, or even milk can be screwed. The essence of the art here lies in the ability of the syrups or liqueurs to tint the neutral color of the liquid. In the picture below you can see the connector itself and the regulator (which is actually an IV Rate Flow Regulator I picked up in a drugstore), which opens or closes off the air flow into the bottle and thus acts as an on/off switch.  Once it enters the machine, the liquid spreads across the fourteen tubules. 

Each tubule is connected to one of the 14 transparent display segments. With the help of special regulators located on the side of the machine, the liquid’s flow speed in each segment can be regulated. 

Pressing the buttons on the keyboard injects the corresponding ingredients into the display, which tints different segments of the display and thus produces letters. You can try to imagine that each letter can have a taste (L-Lime, A-Apple), a color (R-Red, G-Green), or a name (K-Kahlua, J-Jagermeister).

Syringes function as the machine’s buttons. A valve connects to the syringes and turns them into pumps. 

In the back of the keyboard, there are slots for the bottles with colored beverages in them. There are 26 total slots, one for each letter of the Latin alphabet. When a syringe stem goes up, liquid is taken from the bottle connected to it. 

When the stem goes down (that is, when one pushes the button), the colored liquid goes into the splitter on the backside of the display. There, the flow splits into several separate flows, as many segments of the display need to be tinted to draw the necessary letter. 

For instance, letters A,B,Q, and R each have seven segments, letters L and T have 3, and letter I takes only 2 segments. 

The newly formed mixture flows into the tap and then, into the glass. 

A good number of tubules were used to connect the various components of the machine to one another. There are 136 tubules inside, equaling a total of 30 meters of communications.


I should notice this machine is not finished yet. This is not a complete ready-to-use product. This is a prototype, which is not very reliable and fast to (dis)assemble, hard to wash. Just a concept which needs reworking and finetuning. 

quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

I'm back!

Seems I've lost ITAM's last days… Blame the flu! Kept me away for a few days :( I'm still alive but slowly recovering. I guess that in this last days I might have lost some good posts… But I'll try to give them a peep.

ITAM is over! Looking back in time, it was a really good month. As you know this was my first one. And I've really enjoyed it. Was a month full with great and very interesting posts, I congratulate you all!

Before falling ill I've had the time to visit a flea market. It was promoted by the City Hall and sadly it was a single act. I believe that we should have flea markets every week!  Well, I saw a lot of crap and only two typewriters. A Remie with an HCESAR keyboard and an inflated price and a Voss with a AZERTY keyboard and a reasonably price, but once it wasn't what I was looking for I brought none home with me. I hope I won't regret this decision, but right now I'm focused in searching for the typewriters I really want. About the Lettera 22 I was following in auction, the seller does not ships to Portugal… So I lost it. Surely new opportunities will arise!

Sorry about the photos' bad quality :( Were taken with my cellphone...