sábado, 19 de maio de 2012

terça-feira, 8 de maio de 2012

I'm back!

Hi :)

I'm finally back! After a long absence...

I'm well aware that there many post to read, lots of new acquisitions for me to envy and a great deal of news! I'll try to give them all a peek.

The movings are finally over :) After a dreadful month of packing, transporting and unpacking. And nor my old house nor the new has elevator... So we had to do it all by stairs. A nigthmare! For now all it's missing it's the stove but i'm expecting it to be delivered sometime this week and of course there are some new Ikea furnitures to assemble.

My typewriters lost their prominent place and are no longer in exposition like they used to in the old house. We've decided to change some of the decoration and now some of my favourites are yet in exposition but the rest are all packed in their cases and stored in the last shelf of the bookcase...

During this absence I took the time to buy one more typewriter but you'll have to wait until I officialy introduce it to the blog.  Now I remember, there are already two in the queue!

I've also found out a flea market that has some typewriters. It's only once a month but that's better than none. I'm soon hopping to have news on this matter.

This week I had the chance to watch "My week with Marilyn". And as always I like to share my typewriters spotting. This time it's an Hermes. Perhaps an Ambassador. I'm not sure, but it's huge...