sexta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2020

quarta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2020

Instagram and Lettera 22

Hello you all!

Following Richard's suggestions, I’ve decided to take a peek at Instagram to see how things are going in the “world” of the typewriter’s enthusiasts. It was with great pleasure and joy that I found that after all there are still plenty of us spread all around the world. I have discovered fantastic profiles with beautiful typewriters. And a lot of young folks… What proves that after all typewriters are not that obsolete! So I came to the conclusion that I can modernize myself a little bit maintaining the blog and also create an instagram profile so I can be able to follow those accounts. The novelties I’ll continue to post here first though! I’ll take this opportunity to republish some of the old photos that I had already posted here on the blog. So go over there and show me some love @machines_of_yesteryears!

Changing the subject, I went today to collect a new machine I bought online. Since I bought my Lettera 32 with Spanish keyboard, I was looking for a 22 with Portuguese keyboard. I had been hunting for a lime green with the round keys but never found one... Luckily I managed to find a silver one (I haven't ever seen one in this color – only in blue, green and taupe) in good conditions with a reasonably price tag and which has a fantastic history. When I've called the seller he told me that typewriter t belonged to his uncle who brought it from Angola when Portugal recognized the independence of its colonies overseas and people were forced to return. I think the typewriter was produced in South Africa, but I still have to confirm it and check the serial number. Could have been made in Barcelona and shipped to Africa. This weekend I’ll dedicate myself to that and I’ll take some pictures to post here. From what I was told, the typewriter was used for years and years by its owner to write correspondence between Portugal and Angola and after that the sellers wife used to do some school reports in the late 70's. For now, I'm in love its round keys and its smooth typing. It needs some maintenance but it works wonderfully. It shows some signs of heavy using but that what I like the most about this amazing machines, to know that they have fulfilled their purpose.

terça-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2020

Eight years have gone by

Eight years have gone by since my last post... Meanwhile a lot of things happened. To be honest I didn't even realized that the years have passed. The last years have spinned around work work work... And more work. A divorce, finding new house, buy a car... And more work work work for the money! Pay the bills and then more work. All that ended up by affecting me more than what I have anticipated. But all this doesn't really matter now.

Although I haven't been active in the blogosphere I still often use my typewriters. Mainly my HCESAR ones (and as a  result my english is rustier than ever - but I'm taking care of that by attending classes again). But for some reason I've stopped posting. To be honest it started to look like an obligation having to feed the blog regularly. And the truth was that most of the times I hadn't nothing new or interesting to share. In spite of all that, typewriters still are part of my life. I still hunt for new ones when I have the time (and most of all, the money!). But with age I believe i've became wiser. Or at least more aware of what i want. Small and portable typewriters, preferably in white, if they were made in Europe better yet and from the 50's, 60's and 70's. And most of all not the pristine ones that look like they have just came out of the factory. I like to know that they had a live, that they have an history behind all that. With the added bonus that they are usually cheaper. I'll leave the really old and good ones to the real collectors out there...I am definitely not one of them. I'm just a guy that sometimes likes to type and share a few photos.

It's with great sorrow that I notice that most of the people I used to follow also retired from the blogosphere. The girl I considered my "godmother" in the “typewriter’s world” and thanks to whom I started building my little collection of typewriters hasn't posted anything for the last three years. The guy who I envied the most (in a good way - I used to drool over his blog and his typewrites collection and was always amazed with the great finds he made) has been inactive for the last six... Do typewriters enthusiasts still exist and are out there? I wonder if at this day and age, blogs still do make sense? Perhaps an Instagram profile would be more appropriated... I don’t know… Me and social networks don't match...

Anyway I think I'll start posting again. Not because of you but because of me. I don't care how many people are following me or read my posts. I want to do it for me. Not regularly, but when I want and feel like it.

So, that it!

Take care you all! Kisses and hugs...